We provide the onsite disposal of contaminated waste waster. This is front to back service including access to proprietary evaporation technology, mobile equipment, operations and maintenance.



Family-Owned & Operated Wastewater Disposal

Skagen is a family owned and operated business focused on innovation, environmental leadership, health and safety.We believe in accountability, and the drive it produces to be better.

These values have moved us to front of the pack in evaporative waste waster disposal. We have the privilege of working with premier customers who value things being done in the same way, with the same result.

Why Choose Skagen Energy?

Hassle-Free Zero Liquid Discharge Treatment

Skagen generates clean water vapor from contaminated waste water. By doing this at the point of waste water creation, our customers save the expense and risk associated with water hauling and remote disposal.

Using proprietary technology, these units are proven to meet or exceed regulatory requirements without generating new hazardous waste streams.

Why Choose Skagen Energy?

Hassle-Free Zero Liquid Discharge Disposal

Benefits Of Choosing Skagen

Wastewater Disposal Services

Cost Savings

Having our mobile unit handle your water disposal translates to savings. By using Skagen Energy Services, you cut expenses for transporting wastewater to treatment plants.


Environmental Leadership

Our company is dedicated to environmental leadership. We aim to help all industries reduce their environmental footprint through on-site water disposal.


Full Service

Skagen engineers, builds, operates and maintains the water processing equipment. Invoicing is based on the volume of water evaporated. Customers pay only for what they get.


Water Evaporation Services

Using our on site evaporation units, Skagen will handle the hassle of waste water disposal. Our organization is driven to make this as easy as possible for our customers.

24/7 Coverage

Skagen units are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using a combination of on site support and remote operation, the unit monitoring is continuous.

Technical Support

Skagen engineers work continuously with the field operations to optimize throughput and on stream time. Customers often have application changes and new requirements. The Technical Support Team is there to help.


Our units are engineered to run on bio gas, natural gas, well pad gas, CNG, LNG or propane. This fuel flexibility provides our customers another lever to reduce waste disposal costs.


Skagen evaporators are built to move. They are designed for simple road permits and can typically travel without a pilot vehicle.
On site set up is minimal, reducing cost and occupational safety risks.

Family-Owned & Operated

Skagen's Roots

Skagen is a family owned and operated company. The development of the Faering technology platform was born from the knowledge that water disposal options are shrinking, and the desire to reduce waste water transport is rising. It has developed into a robust platform with propriety environmental and reliability features exclusive to Skagen.

We believe in accountability, health and safety, environmental stewardship and continuous innovation. When you work with Skagen, you work with the Skagen family.